Prague Table Top

Prague Table Top


The painted glass table top is the new option that opens up the possibilities for your decorative ideas. This rectangular glass table top comes in several shades that will enhance the beauty of your commercial space. A rectangle glass table top painted in any standard RAL colour with a brass rim.

The sturdy glass holds up to everyday wear and tear while still retaining its beauty. Painted glass table tops are the great option for turning your plain, square tables into decorative pieces that add style to any dining area. This rectangle shape painted glass tabletop can be perfect if you search for a flat surface that may not stain.

It always matters where you want to use the table top, but 4mm glass thickness is truly beneficial for outside frame tabletops. This sturdy thick custom-made glass tabletop is an ideal choice for café and restaurant usage, and you may use this in your workspace as your office tabletop

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H: 0.4
D: 70
W: 70
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Prague Table Top - 3110-0010