Bars and Restaurant Furnishing Tips to Maximise Bookings this Festive Season

POSTED ON: Monday 12, 2020

Bars and Restaurant Furnishing Tips to Maximise Bookings this Festive Season

POSTED ON: Monday 12, 2020

The busiest time of the year is here. With all the festive season cheer and joy, it is a busy time for restaurants and bars. There can be a sudden surge of bookings with respect to festive parties, family gatherings, festive dinners and so on. 

Not compromising the festive cheer yet following the rules of the new normal keeping all safety and health precautions here are our quick tips to maximise bookings at your bar or restaurant.

1. Consider a space-saving seating arrangement

It is very important to know your hotel or restaurant space in and out. Maximising floor space is a key element to increasing your profit curve and thus seating arrangement can be a huge determining factor in accommodating more guests especially during festive seasons. Carefully designing your banquette seating and strategically placing other furniture elements accordingly can save a lot of space and avoid overcrowding at a given venue.

2. Opting for maintenance-friendly furniture materials

More furniture in less space can mean a lot of food and drink spillage and messy situations. To avoid such citations opting for maintenance-friendly furniture saves a huge deal. Also, since surfaces play a huge role in containing bacterial and viral contamination, choosing the right kind of furnishing during this period of time is very important. Wood is one of the materials with the shortest duration of contamination when exposed to the coronavirus, making it a perfect choice for your dining chairs, tables, and banquettes. Not only is it much easier to clean and disinfect safely, but they are also usually much sturdier and are aesthetically pleasing than other materials.

3. Incorporate safety measures in the hotel seating arrangements

Social distancing has become part of the new norm, and customers are looking for hotel spaces and restaurants that keep customer safety as their highest concern. Considering elements like introducing protective screens and reducing table sizes to accommodate a few people on a table. This can not only provide privacy to the guests but can also contribute to practising social distancing among the guests. If you are a hotelier or restauranter you can also consider proactive screens in smaller spaces like reservation stands or front desks.

4. Opt for soft furnishing spaces

Having soft furnishing spaces around the hotel or restaurant gives the visitors a chance to relax and be comfortable if at all other spaces are preoccupied and busy. Festive occasions call for the unpredictable situation and therefore it is very important to make these spaces available to the guests. For critical times like these ensuring guest safety through all basic sanitization procedures is a must.

5. Accommodate leisure space

It is important to identify overcrowding spaces at your restaurant or hotel and restructure these spaces to reduce excessive contact between people.

And thus, comes the need to have leisure spaces. Even with fewer people, it’s important to have a flow within your hotel, bar, or restaurant space to avoid these chokepoints of visitors. Identifying entry and exit points and accordingly rearranging the furniture at these places can be a plus point to avoid overcrowding. To safely lead your visitors from the entrance to the main seating at a hotel can be done by using dividers or protect screens.  This will reduce the chances of visitors coming in contact with any other surfaces. This will also help in easy food, plates, and glasses retrieval an


If you are a hotel or restaurant owner, consider making the most of your amenity space more flexible by making most of its spaces multipurpose. Go for furniture that is easy to maintain, move, sanitize and long-lasting. With a special preference to health, safety avoids overcrowding and accommodating a large number of people in small spaces. Make the best use of this festive season to maximize your hotel drop-ins by strategically planning your way forward to making the best use of the space.