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nous sommes fabricant italien de mobiliers design et haut de gamme pour l’univers professionel. Nous travaillons principalement avec les grandes chaines de restauration et nous sommes spécialisé dans la fabrication de tables, chaises, tabourets, banquettes, fauteuils et chauffeuses pour restaurant, auberges, bar, bistrot, les locaux publics en général.

en moyenne par an, 100.000 articles vendus et 3.800 locals meublés. Une très large gamme de combinaison de matière et coloris.
La polyvalence et la richesse de la capacité créative de notre gamme nous permet de nous adapté à tout type de projet. Nos situations industrielles et l’efficacité de notre système de logistique nous permettent de satisfaire les commandes de toutes dimensions et complexités

Devoted to loyalty, honesty and integrity, as a team we have garnered high praise for UHS Group’s tireless creativity, inspiration and customer service.



If you are interested in working in a team that’s passionate about furniture and the hospitality industry, then take a look at our vacancies and get in touch today with a covering letter, your CV and the vacancy you’re applying for.

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You are responsible for the management of the relationships with your specified clients, principally through face-to-face meetings, and therefore maximising long term, sustainable, profitable sales across those accounts in line with the UHS Strategy.


Privé : SALES

To support a dedicated Key Account Manager to the best of your ability and assisting them to achieve or exceed their target. Although not responsible for selling direct to the client, as Sales Support you will play an important role in ensuring Client satisfaction through the accuracy and efficiency of your work.


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At UHS we are passionate about giving back to the community, and helping those in need (quite often by helping those who help those who are in need!). In addition to numerous one off gifts and various sponsorships, we have given to the British Heart Foundation and Great Ormond Street hospital. The British Heart Foundation is a charity which funds research into a variety of heart conditions (angina, heart failure, coronary heart disease), as well as providing funding for research into strokes and high blood pressure. Great Ormond Street is a specialist children’s hospital (among the top five in the world), which has pioneered multiple breakthroughs since their establishment, as well as saving lives and providing care on a day to day basis.

Our main charitable work at UHS is with the Grace Trust, a Christian charity which focuses on eliminating poverty, providing humanitarian aid, and supporting various other charities in a range of roles. The Grace Trust also devotes a significant proportion of their resources to the education of children in Britain, continental Europe, and across the globe. UHS donates £3000 a month to the Grace Trust, as we believe that they are doing great work, and that their values tie in closely with our own. In addition to supporting charities at a global and national level, we also fund local community projects. So far we have donated a total of £21,000 through our FRS service to various local community projects, in addition to our considerable other charitable commitments.

In 2014, UHS donated over £28,000 to various charitable
appeals, helping change the world we live in and peoples
lives for the better.

Among the Charities we gave to were: the Better Together Campaign, which worked to keep Scotland part of the UK in the referendum of September. Also, the TRG Leukaemia/Lymphoma Appeal, the Centerpoint London Marathon which helped raise awareness of young homeless people and work towards a better future for them, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, notable donations to Zizzi & Cancer Research’s UK 3Peak Challenge, and a sponsorship for the ASK Italian Summer Triathlon event which raised funds for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our charity donations.

Développement durable

Chaque fois que UHS vend une table ou une chaise, il “rend” à notre planète quelque chose, en favorisant la plantation d’un arbre. Notre partenaire d’associations caritatives international contribue à la plantation des arbres, afin de renforcer les pays du tiers monde en s’éloignant du système de déforestation. elle a été incorporé en tant qu’association caritative en 1989 et depuis, elle a participé à la plantation de plus de 115 million d’arbres.

Chez UHS, le développement durable est une priorité, qu’il s’agisse de plantation des arbres ou du choix des matières utilisées à chaque étape de notre activité. UHS s’assure aussi du bon recyclement du papier. Sur l’année 2016, nous avons calculés d’avoir réussi à sauver 500 arbres, grace aux papiers que nous avons recyclés.

UHS s’assure aussi du bon recyclement du papier. Sur l’année 2016, nous avons calculés d’avoir réussi à sauver 500 arbres, grace aux papiers que nous avons recyclés (ACM Environmental).

En 2016, UHS a recu de ACM Environmental le “Green Path Award” pour avoir accompli, zéro déchets à la déchetterie.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d’informations concernant la responsabilité sociale des entreprises

Also in 2016 UHS were awarded the GREENER PATH AWARD for achieving “Zero Waste to Landfill” during the year. This award is in recognition of exceptional environmental performance in our waste and recycling operation.